Saturday, May 22, 2010

Official U.S. Trailer And Art For THE OUTBACK

Finally the U.S. gets some trailer treatment for The Outback (formerly known as Prey) and it's another film that makes me want to stay in my safe home, all safe! This falls right along the lines of these tourist movies like Wolf Creek, Touristas, you get my drift. This cool Aussie thriller comes out on DVD June 13th courtesy of Xenon Pictures. I love these kind of movies and yes I'll be checking this one out too!

In April 1987, two Americans disappeared in the Australian Outback while on a camping holiday--never to be seen alive again. Their abandoned vehicles and unused supplies were found in sand dunes near an Aboriginal sacred site. Twenty years later, three couples set out to the same desert dunes for a weekend of fun and unluckily become stranded in the same area as the two campers twenty years earlier. As they encounter the horrors of the haunted Australian outback, one by one they're possessed by a supernatural force unleashed upon them by a sadistic shaman and begin to turn on each other. As the dwindling survivors fight to stay alive against their undead friends, they come to realize that their demonic possession was foretold to them in their childhood dreams.

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