Saturday, May 15, 2010

Movies To Check Out: COLOUR FROM THE DARK Starring Debbie Rochon

You know I put this movie off for way too long and finally gave it a try yesterday and loved it! This is what great indie films are all about and it had so much to offer from beginning to end and it leaves so much to question. Some people like that and some people don't, I know and I can take it either way. Colour From The Dark is based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft and is written and directed by Ivan Zuccon and stars Debbie Rochon, Michael Segal, Marysia Kay, Gerry Shanahan and Eleanor James.

This film is set back in 1940's Italy, it has the elements of the supernatural, maybe some witchcraft thrown in and add a touch of demon, mix it all up and we have the mystery that is Colour From The Dark. The characters are well developed to me, it has great FX what little was needed and Debbie Rochon once again steals the show, she goes from mild mannered sister to a decaying woman possessed by "something".  Throw in a creepy well and some old mansion in the middle of nowhere and you automatically have the base for a potentially great horror movie. Oh Debbie Rochon you had me at BOO! I would  highly recommend this to anyone who loves indie horror!

Pietro and Lucia live on an isolated farm with Alice, Lucia's younger sister. Poor farmers, they live tilling the soil. Pietro is a good worker and a strong man who, unlike his three brothers, is not at war because of a deformed knee. Lucia is a beautiful and reserved woman dedicated to her family. Their life is peaceful and good, in spite of the hard work. One day, while drawing water from the well, Pietro and Alice accidentally free something from Earth's womb. A strange and alien color flashes underwater, at the well's bottom, then disappears. From that moment on, inexplicable events start happening all around the farm, and by night the surrounding vegetation glitters with a sinister glow. The color soon takes hold of the whole farm, and dwelling inside Pietro and his family's minds, it brings them into its sick world of pain, blood and death.- Ivan Zuccon

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