Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marilyn Manson And Evan Rachel Wood To Be SPLATTER SISTERS

This announcement comes straight from Cannes that Marilyn Manson and current girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood are planning on shooting a new slasher movie called Splatter Sisters.

Variety reporst that the couple will star with Edward R. Pressman and David Gordon Green producing the film with Adam Bhala Lough directing. There's not much on this newly announced project but Green had this to say about Manson;
"This is a role Marilyn Manson was born to play, and with Evan Rachel Wood bringing dramatic gravity to the ensemble, I have no doubt this will take the horror genre to a new level"

Manson does make a perfect fit for any creepy role given to him and the guy can act! Who want to see Splatter Sisters and who wants to bet Manson is one of the sisters, we all know he will be!

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