Sunday, May 2, 2010

First look At The CHERRY BOMB Trailer

The cool trailer for Cherry Bomb has been released today and we have it here for you first! Because I'm awesome like that! Revenge Julin style! I like it! We'll have much more on this cool film real soon!

Cherry Bomb is directed by Kyle Day from a screenplay by Garrett Hargrove and stars Julin as Cherry, John Rodriguez, Nick Manning, Allen Hackley, Denise Williamson, Dave Buckman, Alan Martin, Connor Nobles, Jeremy JD Norton, Aaron Alexander, Joann Fields, DJ Morrison, Craig Welborn, Liz Waters, Amanda Arnold and Caitlyn Hutson

Its 1984. An exotic dancer named Cherry has just watched the five men who assaulted her walk free with the help of a corrupt police force. Seeing no justice coming from within the system Cherry enlists the help of her brother and they take the law into their own hands and seek justice on their own terms... one bullet at a time. But with a professional hitman after them and the police closing in, Cherry is forced to put herself and her loved ones in harm's way to satisfy her need for revenge and her desire to end the corruption that is plaguing the city.
 "Don't light her fuse..."

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