Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My favorite movie is getting its own video game treatment and you know I'm loving this! Human Centipede(First Sequence) has it's own game now thanks to Roger Barr of I-Mockery and here's what he had to say:

"A few people had joked about a Human Centipede game, and I had just been playing the original Centipede arcade game earlier in the week. So I just put two and two together, and my friend Jacob and I went right to work on it," says Barr. "I'm sure some people would've liked a Human Centipede adventure game or something, but come on ... how can you NOT make a parody of the original Centipede arcade game based on that movie? Aside from random jobs I've held in the game industry, I've been designing Flash games with some good friends for many years now. All of the games I make are humorous in nature, and many are flat-out parodies such as this Human Centipede one."

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