Friday, April 2, 2010

Watch The SPLICE Trailer Finally!

A few of my GeekTyrant brothers didn't really like Vincenzo Natali's Splice too much when it showed at Sundance but I'm excited for it and I've called it one of the surprise hits of the summer! Now don't get me wrong I'm not a huge fan of Adrien Brody or anything like that. It's the crazy subject matter in the film and what is created when you play with genetics/ cloning. I've seen some of the uncut clips and pics and really this trailer is watered down, it doesn't show much at all.

<a href=";from=sp&amp;fg=shareEmbed&amp;vid=13d6cb48-df41-4d16-907d-1b6fdd5b4f77" target="_new" title="Exclusive: 'Splice' Trailer">Video: Exclusive: 'Splice' Trailer</a>

Source: MSN

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