Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Very Creepy One Sheet and Trailer For RE-CUT

I came across this little film by Fritz Manger called Re-Cut today and this is another one of the what I call New-School horror movies! It's right on the same page as Human Centipede which is going to shock everyone in a week. I love the fact that these film makers are making what they want to and what we the fans want to see! No watered-down product here! As we find out more info on this cool flick we'll let ya'll know!

The Film stars Meredith Phillips (“The Bachelorette”), Austin Basis (“Life Unexpected” & “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) and Ross Kohn (“Autopsy”, “Medium” & “Veronica Mars”).

The supporting cast also includes veteran character actor Tim DeZarn (“Fight Club,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning,” & “Spider-Man”), Jeff Kober (“The Hills Have Eyes II,” “A Man Apart,” & “Alien Nation”), Christopher Redman (“88 Minutes,” & “CSI: MIAMI”), Richard Trapp (“Cradle 2 the Grave”), Barbara Goodson (“Resident Evil: Degeneration” & “Hellboy: The Science of Evil”) and Ronald Hunter (“Along Came Polly” & “Van Wilder”).

Directed by Fritz Manger, Re-Cut marks his feature film debut.

The film is produced by Fritz Manger, Adam Silver, Jonathan Haug, Max Osswald and Dylan Manger.

Re-Cut was written by Dylan Manger and Fritz Manger.


When twin girls are found dead in their family’s barn, reality star turned TV-reporter Meredith Phillips and her de-facto camera crew are dispatched to rural Wisconsin to investigate the gruesome deaths.
In their relentless drive to break the story, the reporters become entangled in a deadly mystery and uncover the small town’s shocking secret.
Edited together from the crew’s multiple cameras, the film documents their struggle to survive the most terrifying night of their lives and becomes the only evidence of a crime too horrific to imagine.

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