Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is A NIGHTBREED Uncut DVD Closer To Reality?

The uncut version of Clive Barker's Nightbreed showed at HorrorHound Weekend this year and the fans seemed to love it. It was much longer, showed scenes that we had questions about from the movie but was really a messy cut as it was from the VHS days. It looks like the people over at Morgan Creek are listening to the fans too! This horror movie was way before it's time, Barker just has an unmatched style in story telling and this is one of his best. The makeup and FX are awesome for it's time!

From Clive Barker before HorrorHound Weekend;
"We're happy to report that, over the past several months, we've had a number of cordial and constructive conversations with Morgan Creek, the studio that owns the rights to Nightbreed. Morgan Creek initiated these conversations - prompted by the huge petition and support for an extended Nightbreed DVD release on this very page and by the noise you've generated on horror sites across the internet.

So thank you to everyone who's added their name and their voice so far and for all your passionate and eloquent support of the movie!

However, we're less happy to have to tell you that, after discussing the current home entertainment market in "the horror genre" with Warner Bros., Morgan Creek have decided to take "a pause" before deciding to move forward with the DVD release we're all calling for.

They've adopted a "not now" position, telling us that, in their opinion, the current market will not support the required investment in reassembling the master reels to produce a director's cut of the movie.

Now, it's not a "never" position - which is a real step forward... - but it is a huge disappointment. We are therefore asking for your continued help in showing the size and commitment of Nightbreed's audience.

Please continue to show your support for an extended release by adding your names to the list below (our e-mail details are below) and by continuing to talk about this campaign in forums and blogs. We're working with Clive on planning our next series of conversations with Morgan Creek - your support is what caught the studio's attention in the first place, so please let's keep it going. Our thanks in advance!

In the meantime, the studio has approved a one-night-only screening of the work-in-progress VHS workprint (again, news of the discovery of that below...). This will screen at the upcoming HorrorHound convention in Indianapolis on the evening of Saturday, 27 March 2010. The convention details - with an anticipated Nightbreed reunion - are at the HorrorHound convention site."

Remember this was before the screening, Morgan Creek see's that the fans want this cut and it look like we're going to see it, when I don't know.

If you are a fan of Clive Barker and Nightbreed please email  here or even tweet here

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