Monday, April 12, 2010

And The Working Title For CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK 3 Is......

Dead Man Stalking? Um, yep! Don't worry this is only the working title, it might end up sticking but so far out of all the cool news coming from the newest Riddick movie this would be the weakest part. Writer/Director David Twohy will take our anti-hero back to his home world Furya in Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking. This will indeed be a hard-R movie on a much smaller scale like the first Pitch Black. Riddick will still be the most wanted man in the galaxy. This go around he'll go up against mud demons, trisons and two ships full of mercs.

Check out some of the read from Corona;
The Road Warrior to Pitch Black’s Mad Max; a stripped-down, hard-edge actioner that just happens to take place on a world where there’s three moons and mud demons and trisons and two shipfuls of mercs hunting down the galaxy’s most wanted man.
Corona then goes on here;
- Free from the constraints of delivering a PG-13 movie, the dialogue in Dead Man Stalking is more suited to a film like Training Day; the mercs we meet are hard living people, not those washout fakeout space mercs from a film like Alien Resurrection.
- There’s one more thing that I’m going to say about this third appearance of Riddick, and it’s that we truly get to see how scary smart he is when hunting human prey… Twohy sets up several scenes which shows us how crafty and deadly Riddick is at the top of his game, and to the mercs. When fitted to the unrestrained language and action rating level, this is why Dead Man Stalking has potential to be the setting stone for any follow-up sequels.
Source: Corona Coming Attractions

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