Saturday, April 3, 2010

Alan Ball Talks TRUE BLOOD Comic Book + New Promo Poster!

VILF! Yep, this is the latest teaser poster for True Blood Season 3! Can anyone tell me what this means? STOP! I'm just kidding I know and you probably do too!

With True Blood Season 3 getting closer all the hype is rolling full speed with teaser videos and promo-posters being leaked. Now True Blood head honcho Alan Ball is talking a comic book spin-off of the popular vampire series. looks like they're gonna take good care of the comic too with Ball and the show writers taking part in this fun project!

Click right here to watch Alan Ball talk True Blood and comics straight from Wondercon!

Want to pre-order True Blood #1? Click here to order that "sucker", get it? I said sucker! Well ok,umm enjoy peeps!

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