Thursday, March 4, 2010

Todd McFarlane Talks New SPAWN Movie

 The Spawn movie talks and rumors have been going on forever now and creator Todd McFarlane has given some info that should make all Spawn fans happy, well sort of. He recently said;

I’m 80% through the script, I did my due diligence, went around Hollywood,” McFarlane tells the site. “I listened to the pitch from all the big studios, but I just went, ‘nah, I need to make this small and tight and contained.’
And if we keep the budget small, they’ll allow me to do all of that," McFarlane continues. "[But] if you blow up the budget ... and I understand that. I wouldn’t hire me, either. But then I have to give it away. Another option is me just financing it myself. That way I can just ... I own all of it.”

Source: Newsarama

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