Saturday, March 13, 2010

SUMMER GLAU Cast In NBC's Superhero Pilot THE CAPE

The ever-so-delicious Summer Glau hasn't given up on sci-fi tv just yet! First there was Firefly, then Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and then Dollhouse, none of which lasted longer than two seasons. Well geeks, today we've learned that Glau has been cast in the lead role in NBC's upcoming superhero pilot 'The Cape'.

Simon West directed the pilot and it follows a former police officer (David Lyons) who creates a masked alter-ego aka The Cape, to clear his soiled name.  According to THR, “Glau's character's name is Orwell, a cute and intrepid investigative blogger who fearlessly goes after dirty cops and costumed bad guys”. Word also is she will infact be kicking major ass in this cool sounding pilot!

So, is Heroes coming back or not? Because I have a strong feeling Chuck is and this would pair up nicely! Looks like NBC is taking some cool chances and they might just pay off!

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