Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jemaine Clement and Sacha Baron Cohen Joining MEN IN BLACK 3?

More cool news today from the Men In Black 3 camp! Rumor is funny men Jemaine Clement and Sacha Baron Cohen might be joining the MIB3 cast possibly as an alien or a pair of aliens with the name "Yaz" so we know they wont be agents because remember all of the agents names are just letters, "Q","J" and "K".Josh Brolin has also been rumored to have a part in MIB3 supposedly being a new agent. There is nothing etched in stone with the Columbia Pictures project but they have started casting for supporting roles and Will Smith and director Barry Sonnenfeld  are expected to return with Tommy Lee Jones being iffy but I hope he returns for one more! Writer Etan Cohen has turned in a script.

Wow! The casting rumors are getting strong with MIB3!

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