Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey Peeps!

Nothing got posted today! There was news and it'll get up but I thought I'd share my experience with the Apple store today! So my iPhone went out (kinda) and I made an appointment for today and was worried sick about it till my name was called to talk to an Apple "Genious". Just like the Apple rep told me on the phone, she just hooked it up to her diagnostics on her cool ass i Mac (which they all use). and reached behind her, opened a drawer full of freakin iPhones still in the box and hooked me up!

So that was the cool ass upside, here's the down side; I waited 2 hours 45 minuted until my name was called but I guess it was worth it.

Cute girls working there too which made the experience easier, sorry I had to say that. Hell I'm not sorry I love pretty girls! What can I say!

I do want to share what kind of protective case I use for my iPhone! It's called an OtterBox, I'm sure some of ya'll have heard of it and it is freakin awesome! There are a few different types of Otter boxes right now, the one I have is the Defender and it rocks! The one I have is all black so they do come in different colors,3 layers of protection and it even props up, I do this in alarm clock mode!

So if Apple or the Otterbox people are seeing this! I need a sponsor peeps to help send me to all my horror convention destinations!

I'll be your crazy spokesperson!

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