Thursday, March 18, 2010

GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Without Ivan Reitman?

Ghostbusters III Reitman

Well that's the rumor anyway but how can Columbia Pictures make a Ghostbusters 3 movie without director Ivan Reitman? Here goes these suit and ties that sit behind desks all day long making stupid ass decisions! Yeah I'm calling ya'll stupid asses!

There is a little hope for all of us die hard fans! There is an old contract that all the major players signed way back after the last Ghostbusters was made kind of stating that if one of them doesn't like anything that's going on, from script to I guess anything else that the movie just wont be made. This is good news and remember how wishy-washy Bill Murray has been about this project from the beginning so why's he so afraid to make a movie with his old buddies? He would only do it if they'd kill him off in the beginning of course becoming a ghost! Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis are the other key players in this situation which the both of them have really expressed they wanted to get this project of the ground and running!

Ok big studio dick heads and Ghostbusters 3 actors, let's all get along and do this for the fans (who made all ya'll rich in the first place) and lets get this Ghostbusters 3 made!

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