Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We all know and love After Dark Films: 8 Films To Die For, right! I sure do, I own all of them plus the ones coming out next Tuesday (take note people)! And now the cool ass people at After Dark Films have joined forces with Lionsgate and NBC/Universal's Syfy Channel to bring us After Dark Originals (ADO). How cool is this because I personally can't get enough horror! Word is the first batch of these movies will drop the thrid quarter of this year, hhmmm Halloween maybe?

Here's the first batch of After Dark Original titles: Scream Of The Banshee, Husk,Fertile Ground,51,Seconds Apart,Prowl,Re-Kill and Task.

From the Press Release:
Tapping into the vast and innovative talent of directors and filmmakers from Horrorfest’s acquisitions over the past 4 years, After Dark has taken the horror festival concept to a higher level. After Dark Originals showcases eight new cutting edge horror films spanning the genre. The mission is to create high quality horror films that provide After Dark full control from script concept through final editing.

Notable directors and writers include Brett Simmons, whose short film Husk took Sundance by storm several years ago, Steven C. Miller of Automaton Transfusion fame, and previous After Dark writer/director Adam Gierasch (Autopsy). All ADO films were shot in the US and Bulgaria.

"The writers and directors in our After Dark Originals line are outstanding. We are excited to showcase their work and to give a home to all this fresh young talent that we will continue to develop over time", says After Dark Films owner and CEO, Courtney Solomon.

Currently seven of the eight films have been filmed and are in post-production. The eighth to slated to start production this month. All eight Originals will be released in Third Quarter 2010 with a new and innovative marketing and release strategy. Additionally, the second set of Originals has already been green lit and will start production in July 2010.

.Source: After Dark Originals

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