Wednesday, February 10, 2010

As I sit here and watch Terminator: Salvation for probably the 5th or 6th time now I have to counter all of my peers negative votes!

Of course the film introduces Marcus (Sam Worthington) and doesn't leave much on-screen time for John Connor(Christian Bale). But like McG said in the beginning he was planning on 3 NEW Terminator movies!

We can't just keep shoving a 60 something year old  Arnold in these movies to make them a hit! Remember Part 3? It was ok but it did lack a certain heart just like theis one did but have to let go of the old or we wont get the movies we love anymore!

Salvation made money but not what the Big,Huge,Monster Studio wanted so the whole entire franchise has been sold to holding firm Pacificor who bought the entire franchise for $29.5 mil. Now trust me when I say this isn't over yet because there had been other bids from actual movie studios(Lionsgate and Sony).

I have a scenario for the fans which will probably never happen but what if this new buyer put a true fan in charge of this franchise? Would it work? The comics have worked for year now! Why don't these huge studios listen to the fans? Take a fan poll idiots! Put me in charge of your next Terminator movie! No I haven't lost my mind,I'm just voicing my opinion on what would be a success!

Getting back to Terminator: Salvation, I like it, I really enjoy the introduction of the new Terminator models! Marcus may have had a little too much screen time since the story is about John Connor and his fight to save our world against the Terminators but this is a great introduction to a new story about mans fight to survive! Come on serious people this is a good movie! You don't have to agree with your buddy! Good job McG I don't care what they say! Glad you didn't put humor in it like you did Charlies Angels!

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