Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jonah Nolan to direct THE MAN OF STEEL?

 Rumors and reports of Christopher Nolan being the new "Godfather" of the next Superman project now it seems he was placed in that position by Warner Brothers who might want him to "help and guide" his younger brother Jonah who might be directing the project.

Now it's all coming together, right? I don't now.  Now there's a rumor this weekend that Chris Nolan is also prepping a Justice League movie for DC on top of prepping the third Batman movie who younger bro Jonah and David S. Goyer are writing as I type this out!

I liked Nolan's Batman movies but that's all I've liked from the guy and to trust him with all of these projects might call for a major burn out! Maybe he can do it but with all of the talented directors, writers and producers floating out there why let him have all the fun or burn out? Who knows, I do like all of Goyer's work so maybe they are a match made in comic movie Heaven

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