Saturday, February 27, 2010


It's true writer/director Victor Salva is hard at work on Jeepers Creepers 3 but we don't have a release date set in stone yet. But here's some cool updates and info to tide you over till something else drops.

  • JC 3 was originally going to be titled "The Creeper Walks Among Us" and then "Cathedral" which actually plays an important part in the movie so it might stick. 
  •  MGM(which is still in financial trouble) was originally going to release this one straight to DVD but Victor Salva is hoping for a theatrical release which I think will do ok since we haven't seen the Creeper for a long time!
  •  Salva promises new surprises saying part 3 will be the biggest
  • The Creeper will be driving his creepy ass truck from the first film! Gets my vote for creepiest vehicle in movie history!
  •  Gina Phillips returns as Trish, Ray Wise returns as Jack Taggart Sr. and Jonathan Breck returns as the Creeper!
  • We will see several characters from the previous two filmsWe will get to learn more of the past and history of the Creeper as Cathedral will serve as a prequel and a sequel as the film will start out in the old west and then switch to present day where it's almost time for it to wake up again.
  • Produced by American Zoetrope

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