Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Christopher Nolan Is The Godfather Of SUPERMAN And BATMAN 3


It was announced today that Christopher Nolan will have a "Godfather" like role for the next Superman movie which will be a total reboot. So does this mean Supes will be darker? Will he groan like The Dark Knight? I sure hope he doesn't grunt like Bats! Nolan is on a roll so i'm interested in seeing what he can do with the struggling franchise. I will say I'd like to see Brandon Routh back in the red and blue. He just fits the role! CW you can keep Tom Welling! 
What do you think about this news and what's your opinion on who the next Man od Steel should be?

On the same front it was also announce that David S. Goyer and Jonah Nolan are already hard at work on the "Batman 3" script! Polls are already hitting the web on who the next villain/villains should be. I'd like to see Harley Quinn!  
Who would you like to see?

So it looks like Christopher Nolan has a lot on his plate but both franchises should be in good hands! The man takes his work very seriously!

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