Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Princess became The Anti-Princess

Did she ever love me? So much one-sideness,she has her story and then there's the truth! She erases her side of the messages but i still have them! My friends and family saw my hurt and pain. Nothing like i'd ever experienced all because i believed someone said they had loved me for 20 years! I'll die wondering that now. All of the empty, meaningless words and broken promises. She asked me to marry her but I find out she's still working on a divorce for 15 years which means she's not getting rid of him. If a married person asks you to marry them, they aren't playing with a full deck! The thing is i was ok with just being a fling, a secret or friend but she said she wanted to marry me so i went with it, wouldn't you? If you treat somebody like she treated me it means karma has some really rough plans for you/her! I talk to a preacher once a week now,he's helping me get past the bad experience that once was the Princess and is now the Anti-Princess. Never let someone talk you into taking a depression medication when you need nothing at all, also you find out and have to battle allergic reactions to that product also! Anyone who claims to be and preaches they are a good person usually aren't ,this is proof! She isn't,she has a lot of people fooled! I saw a horrible side that i will keep buried inside of me, except for this small part I'm sharing with you! She called me her soul mate but would do hurtful things to try and just get even whenever i was a jerk. Very hurtful indeed! She literally tried to kill me! she had some good points but it was just whatever she wanted to do for me, not what i wanted or needed which is still one sided if you ask me! She told me about some relationships/flings she had in the past with women and men and she said those got destructive too! I had a chance to tell her maybe it's YOU and not everyone else but she's one of those kind of people who can't take any blame at all. Wow if she did she'd probably explode with guilt! Or even possibly kill herself and i wouldn't want to see that even on her! What a hurtful person she is!

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