Monday, October 5, 2009

SyFy's Stargate SGU is a HIT!

SyFy's newest hit Stargate SGU debuted this past Friday to 2.4 million viewers! That's more than Dollhouse got people!
This newest version of the Stargate franchise comes to us in a different way, a fresh new idea for the Stargate franchise! It has elements from it's predecessors but offers up a new and different look. It has many nationalities, it's going to be hot and steamy,so we've all heard. It offers up a "Lost In Space" Vs "Stargate" Vs maybe a "Star Trek:Voyager" It's going to have it's good guys and bad guys all within one ship called Destiny. They will be visiting planets and meeting new and interesting species and possibly some familiar faces! The 2 hour premiere has already sucked me in so i'll be watching this latest in the popular sci-fi franchise!

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