Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers Versus The Critics

Transformers versus The Critics

Ok, so I’ve read several really bad reviews of this movie and it’s director and I thought I’d comment on it.

This movie is made for kids and a younger generation! I grew up watching it and I enjoy seeing it brought to the big screen in this way. Michael Bay brought in many new robots for this movie which made it bigger and better. If he hadn’t have done that you’d be saying there wasn’t enough bots in it! Then there are some of you saying it’s too long, well it was kind of long so we’re ok there. Then there’s the whole “there’s not enough dialogue and on-air time for the humans in this one, The last time I checked it’s called Transformers not Transformers and Humans or Sam and his robot, There is enough dialogue and “human” time in this movie, just enough not to over-shadow the bots who are the real stars of this franchise.

One of you even crapped out there wasn’t enough time for the new villain, well he didn’t have that much time in the cartoon Transformers either! I agree that they are confusing in the “transforming” but I don’t care, it’s freakin “Robots In Disguise”!

Honestly let’s see how many parents and kids out there listen to all these bad reports that are being given. The movie has already brought in way over $60 mil in a day and a half. There are some great funny moments in this movie too that just makes you really laugh and it seems some of the critics doesn’t even like that! The only thing that I would warn people about is a few words and a little robot/leg scene. There are the “Twins” that have already been compared to Jar-Jar Binks and I could have lived without them but it’s called comic relief! Transformers had the wise-cracking, goofy characters all through the cartoon series too!

Someone said they focused too much on the bots and not enough on the background, What! Are you kidding me?! We go from water, to space, to woods, and to the desert! Are yall just Michael Bay haters? Well now , speaking of Michael Bay, I like his work and I feel he did a great job with this movie. This movie has more change of scenery, more explosions, more military, more humans, more comedy and way more robots. So to me Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is way “More Than Meets The Eye”! Peace, i’m outa here! A-

Brian S

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Brian Shirley said...

Now just 5 days after it' release it has made over #200 million.All to the critics dismay!

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