Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reaper is still kicking and screaming!

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Tuesday 6/9/2009: I talked to Yani Chang today. I actually got quite a shock when she personally answered her own phone!

Anyways, bearing in mind that she *is* trained to say certain things, this is what she said to me:

  • Reaper is not done. There are still people trying to figure out what to do in regards to the show.
  • They still want to produce the show.
  • Reaper is a unique situation, since as Ms. Chang points out, most SOS Campaigns are directed to the network (in our case the CW), but that's not the case here
  • She agreed that yes, there was still interest in the show.
  • They are fully aware of the fan support for the show. (It was actually pretty funny - I asked her how we as a fandom can best show our support of Reaper and she responded, "I think you've already done that.")
  • Yes, Tara and Michele remain as show consultants, even though they have left to go to FOX.
  • They received our emails about the CW affiliates, and she said she had forwarded them on.

It was a little hard to speak with her with because I know she couldn't give out direct information, and I just couldn't phrase my questions right.

I tried to ask what we as a fandom could do best to help Reaper out, especially since we know that while the cast and crew have been let go, none have yet gotten a new job to replace things - excluding Tyler. She really couldn't answer me, because A) there's no real direct place to contact; and more likely B) she's not allowed to tell us who'd we'd need to go to.

I'm sorry this is kinda short, I have to go to work so I can't really write up everything we talked about (like I said, I *really* wasn't expecting to actually speak to anyone, let alone Ms. Chang), so I will just say in a nutshell (and I'll get more into it later):

1. We need to keep the interest in Reaper going. So we're on-target with our Immediate Plan.

2. Having said that, I got the impression that it's also important to keep up a Reaper interested in terms of purchasing. Which means - back to our roots, emailing the CW affiliates, the cable places, etc. Just so that if ABC *does* get things in order, they will have no problem find a place to buy the program.

3. It might also be important to keep up with the other components of Reaper, ie the cast, Mark Gordon Productions, etc. etc.

I also told her that if ABC needed ANYTHING - and I mean ANYTHING - to please let me and the fandom know, and we will do it.

Again, I'll try and expand on this later (ck or somebody, maybe you can round up the email addresses for cable/affiliates again so people can get started ASAP if they want?), but I think #1 and #2 are going to be our best bets right now. No matter what, it's imperative to keep up interest in Reaper - and TO LET PEOPLE KNOW. So spread the word.
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