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Ok,here's some Reaper news....Booooo!!!!!!

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Update, Saturday June 6
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Excellent question, joe. (And welcome!) Basically we're going by very little "official" information, piecing it together from various contacts (cast tweets and posts, crew and staff comments, and "insiders'" connections, including entertainment reporters).

We've been acting on good faith that, once the CW canceled, ABC was supporting the show by shopping it to CW affiliate syndication, and it would help the deal to tell ABC and the affiliates that we support the show. Many fans heard back from their affiliates saying there was interest. Then, at least one affiliate informed fans that a deal was being made with cable, and the affiliates were out. The emphasis switched to Spike and SciFi (because rerun packages were also being shopped, a la Bones), then to "other" cable stations.

Yesterday we decided it was time we heard from ABC about their intentions. Unlike a network that wants to promote its new schedule (thereby telling you what shows got axed), there's no advantage for a production studio to announce "Hey we're trying to make a deal to sell the show; oh, we're not making deals any more, we've given up." So we decided to target ABC to both:
--Tell them we support the show and want to see a deal get done!
--Ask them to put out some kind of information about the situation.

Gut feeling? Is there a good chance, some chance, or no chance? WE DON'T KNOW! That's why we're keeping up the campaigning. When this whole thing broke two weeks ago, we had no idea there was any chance once the CW axed it. So I still believe anything can happen, though it seems increasingly less so as time goes on. Still, we're asking people to:

1) Stay in touch here and around the internet (The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Ausiello, Nick C's blog, whereever you get your entertainment updates). Help us keep piecing it together.

2) Keep writing to show our interest for the show! To ABC, your own CW affiliates in case that's still brewing, the other cable nets we've listed here. There's still a possibility that fan interest will help swing a last-minute deal. What if the affiliates are banking on some other deal that falls through next week, and they're still looking for a package for Sunday nights?

3) Write to ABC Studios more along the lines of "answers, dammit." At some point we will be using our unity to at least ask them to be upfront with us about where the show is on their horizon, and ask for an explanation. Would we get that? Maybe not. But they should at least know we care.

It is crazy-making to not know exactly what we're writing about or fighting for! There will come a point when it'll be, well, obvious. Then either way we'll be planning the party to celebrate the show and our awesome efforts!

For "after"--since we've had contact with the show creators and some cast, we might ask them to post here, or to answer some questions in reflection of the show, or about their new projects. I love Reaper so much, I'm excited to see what Fazekas/Butters do next with their contract at Fox. Like Joss Whedon, they might use some of the current cast, staff, and crew on their next show. We could turn from Reaper-ites to Fazekas/Buttersites. Yeah it's not catchy, but we got time to work on it.

Anyway, stick with us, everybody. Whatever it is we're doing here, we're not done yet!

No details. Just dead, dead, dead.

It seems they toyed with a Labine-less, and Harrison-less REAPER with Ray Wise and a new actor playing “Sam,” but they decided to not go through with it.

Oh, what the Hell now? Is Bret really that stupid to give up a secure job for nothingness? Honestly, pray tell me what better option *he’s* looking at.

Screw it. I’m still keeping up the Pro-Reaper stuff with ABC. It’s not like Bret has anything else to do right now that they couldn’t entice him back. One would think the lure of oh say, a salary, would be more of an incentive than oh say, no salary.

We’re doing twitter in addition to email now, including DisneyABC. If that’s really bretharrison’s twitter, I say go after him. I'm tempted to have pacejunkie post his personal email address.

And this doesn’t even mention, ABC could have had the syndicated/cable deal in the bag LONG before Bret and Tyler lost their minds and opted out.

Okay, well that was my gut reaction here. I am rather ranting in the Chat thread, on all sorts of things. But in the end, let me just say:

1. I've worked hard on this campaign. Months even. So it's been a bit hard for me to understand how this all happened when ABC Studios could have had this deal in the bag long before any of this "drama" happened.

2. I honestly don't really think I'm totally ready to give up. And by "give up" I mean...just completely give up. Do absolutely nothing else and let the show - and more importantly - the idea die.

My reason why?

Things don't make sense. And this newest tidbit? Not helping.

How does Bret not know that ABC Studios and the fans have worked to get him steady employment for at least another year? How does he not know the opportunity even looks GOOD. Why on Earth would he choose unemployment over that? I *get* the argument that the CW didn't support them. But for Pete's sake - ABC Studios, the CW affiliates, and US have. We've moved on from the CW's ineptitude.

Anyways, long story short, there *still* is no official word, and Bret doesn't exactly have anything lined up to replace Reaper. It kills me nothing to keep writing ABC to encourage them to do the show, and re-sign Bret. It also kills me nothing to encourage Bret to re-sign with the show if it's offered to him.

Maybe in a week I will feel differently. But to me, right at this EXACT moment, it just feels like the window is *still* open, and I'm just not at a point where I can full-on brake stop. I find it ironic that today of all days, my fortune cookie said "If you stay your course, you will be successful." I'd like to at least give it a little while longer to determine whether it's lying to me. :)

The decision to determine that this is "over" is not really for me to decide. It's up to each of you to figure that out for yourselves. If you want to stop, stop. If you don't, don't. If you don't want to stop *now* then maybe work with us for a week and *then* make the decision to stop.

If anyone is with me, then please waste some time of your life and write/twitter/whatever Bret and ABC. Thank you.

And if you want to give up, I still recommend commenting at ABC and at least registering your disappointment - politely though.

Y'know what? Screw this. I'm emailing ABC and asking for answers.

Yani Chang is the media director for Reaper. She is well aware of the fact that THE AFFILIATES WANT REAPER, as *she* is the one we forwarded the responses to. Her executive director is Sharon Liggins, and the coordinator is Ambir Sniezko.

Granted - I *will* be polite as anger gets us nowhere, but I'm sorry, it's been over a month since the CW dropped Sunday nights and ABC contacted them about the show. It's been 2 weeks since we gathered the evidence the affiliates are interested.

Then Jenny gets info on *Tuesday* that leads her to believe we're going to cable? How is it that in three days, ABC has managed to destroy 2 possible places for Reaper to go?

Now I would understand if we had no real evidence. That all we've been hanging on is insider information with no real proof, and this was all wishful thinking about Reaper getting picked up.


What the Hell happened, and who the Hell is responsible for it? Don't tell me it's because they couldn't get a showrunner at the last minute. They've had over a month!!!

Or, as cko put it so much better:

[cko] 1) we believe in the show
[cko] 2) we've been promoting it vigourously thru these recent ups and downs
[cko] 3) we still believe there's a market for it
[cko] 4) and ask them to keep selling it
[cko] 5) but if it's over
[cko] could they at least give us the information and explanation
[cko] 6) it's the least they could do for the fans who have worked so hard

List of affiliate responses:

Jenny's twitters:

I say everyone just copy ck's chat and links and send it in, no extra comments needed. Well, actually I'd add a Thank You.

[cko] dang that sounds pretty good if i do say so myself
[cko] not sure it's appropriate, but it sounds good
[cko] well not well written of course
[cko] but genuine sentiment

Yes, it *does* sound good, ck.

I also say FLOOD the ABC websites with Pro-Reaper comments.

It's time to get answers, damn it.
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