Saturday, June 27, 2009

Christa Campbell Q and A

Actress Christa Campbell (2001 Maniacs, Day of the Dead, and the upcoming Lies and Illusions, 2001 Maniacs 2 and Bind), Blog writer (FEARnet) and all-around great gal was kind enough to let me ask her a few questions about her life, work and what she likes to do for fun.
Brian S-What's going on in the world of Christa Campbell right now? Projects you're working on, that kind of stuff!
Christa- Well currently I’m promoting my film Lies and Illusions with Christian Slater and Cuba Gooding JR, its a great film that Anchor Bay is putting out November 1st
Brian S-What's your most favorite project you've ever done?
Christa- Well i have many, but the one the fans always go crazy for was 2001 Maniacs, i think this film will follow me forever!
Brian S-How did you get into the business?
Christa- I started out as a model, but soon after was bored with it, so i started taking acting classes, and i was off!
Brian S-Have you ever had an oopsy-daisy(funny moment) while filming?
Christa- Always!! On every film there are always crazy stories, some i can talk about, and some i cant!
Brian S-What preparations do you do to get ready for a role? Getting into character?
Christa- I read the script, i usually work on it with a friend, but ultimately it’s the Directors vision, so i communicate with him mostly.
Brian S-How is it working with a legend like Robert Englund?
Christa- Robert is an amazing human being, he has so much talent, and there is so much we all can learn from him.
Brian S-How much fun is it doing horror genre movies? A lot of them just look like they'd be fun making them and being in them!
Christa- Oh!! They are a blast!! It’s soo much fun!! It’s like Halloween every day!
Brian S-What do you like to do for fun?
Christa- Hmmm, i love to play poker, travel, yoga, hang with friends.

Brian S-What has been the most rewarding thing you've ever done?
Christa- During the holidays, i usually spend Thanksgiving at the shelter downtown to serve food to family’s who have had a rough time
Brian S-Would you like to tell the fans anything? I'm one, tell me something you'd never get asked in a regular interview! Oh and then answer it!
Christa- Hmmm, your suppose to ask a question, i don’t know what you want to know, ask me anything! lol!

Brian S-Thank you very much for your time! Not only are you pretty but you're pretty dang cool and awesome! I wish you much luck and success on everything you do! Brian S
Christa- Thx soo much! I hope you all enjoy my films! Muah! Christa

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